There were some rumblings in the press last week that current Cedar Rapids Mayor Ron Corbett is eyeing a possible 2018 run for governor.

Corbett announced last week that he's planning to "pivot" and travel across the state to "talk about issues."

“Going out there and talking about the issues first is, from my point, a way to get people more engaged,” Corbett told reporters last week.

For those of you not familiar with political speak, that's a strong hint from Corbett at a run for the state's highest office.

I'm going to stay bipartisan on this one -- basically because I've both liked and disliked things that Corbett has done during his time leading CR. I think he handled the aftermath of the 2008 flood as well as anyone could have, but I think both his unwavering commitment to a long-shot casino and his stance on traffic cameras have been shortsighted and stubborn.

What say you? Should the current leader of CR be the eventual leader of the entire state?

(Quotes used for this piece courtesy of Radio Iowa).