This Presidential race is turning into an absolute sh#t show. How did it get to this point? I think part of it is that we've turned into a soundbite society. We don't want to study and dissect a candidate's stances and accomplishments. No, a lot of us would rather vote for the guy that makes us say, "Oh, snap!" Another part of it, in my opinion, is lack of education. Yes, I'm calling us a rather unenlightened society. In his recent Nevada victory speech, Trump went so far to say "I love the poorly educated." His love no doubt comes from great polling numbers with the uneducated. This is becoming frightening.

HuffPost Politics recently posted this video. Yes, Huffington Post tends to lean left... but it's not like they're altering anything. Watch and enjoy a laugh... I'll be over here crying.

The GOP Has Gone Off The Deep EndIt's official: The Republican primary is a complete sh*tshow.

Posted by HuffPost Politics on Saturday, February 27, 2016


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