The Iowa Legislature will vote next week on a proposed 10-cent-a-gallon gas tax. A Des Moines Register's Iowa poll shows a 50/50 split among Iowans. Roughly half of us like the idea to help pay for road improvements on the over 114,000 miles of state roads and highways.

If gas prices stayed as low as they have been lately, I don't think many would object. But, as the prices went into free fall late last year, they have rebounded upward the last couple of weeks. No one can predict that trend.

Those dimes would add up, but I think there are ways to make it work.

  • Stop driving out to the curb to get the mail.
  • Make some new friends and ride the city bus once a month.
  • Ride your bicycle to work. Dodging traffic on First Ave. is exhilarating.
  • Next time you go to Chicago, drive to Mt. Pleasant and take the train the rest of the way in. Wouldn't save you money but it's romantic. Maybe you'll meet a girl on a sojurn who looks like Liz Phair.
  • Yes, I hear you: "Read My Lips: No new alternatives to new taxes, Shark."