I know I wasn't the last person in the world to get a cell phone, but it felt that way. I got my first one in 2004. Hell, even my father got one a couple of years after me when he was in his 70's. It doesn't seem like it took long for cell phones to become a device of absolute necessity.

Within the past week, I've used my phone to take pictures, text, order pizza... and on rare occasion actually make a call! I'm not an Apple user, but I'm obviously familiar with "Siri" (Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface). She... or "it"... has been around for about five years now. It's obviously amazing technology, and something I wouldn't have envisioned when I purchased my first cell phone 12 years ago. What the hell is it going to look like in another 12 years?

I stumbled across this great video on YouTube. It's some dude asking Siri some odd questions as passers by overhear him. Enjoy...

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