Quaker Oats might want to market these. Frost Quakes in Toronto are highlighted in the latest Outside magazine, just in time for the recent national news "Freezeageddon" wall-to-wall coverage of North America's arctic blast!

Caused when water penetrates the soil and then rapidly freezes, these Frost Quakes are known to startle the locals with what sounds like an explosion. What Ontarionian wives may have mistaken as orgasmic booms are now being credited to Mother Nature.

Canuckian weather experts say the phenomenon is very rare and would have to go back 30 years to see documentation of the last occurrence. My head was so buried in layers for a walk the other night when we hit a wind chill of -55F [which, I think Canadians would call -54C], I don't think loud noises would have been noticed. Maybe my beagle did, but was sniffing frozen rabbits and maybe wouldn't be a good reference.

The mid-30's [above zero!!] forecast for this weekend should put our quaking fears to rest. For now.