The office of Marcus Ramirez over at McGrath's Marion Used Car Superstore has some sports flair. Noticed these the last time we did a live KRNA broadcast. Looks like he's mainly into football and hockey.

I'm mainly into football.

After the Final Four's a long sports drought for me. I love person. Stopped following MLB a long time ago. NBA and NHL? Nah. Local hockey and hoops only. Golf? Auto Racing? I'd rather drive fast to the links than watch either of those on TV.

With August comes NFL and Hawkeye Camps and the great anticipation of fall football. With cool July weather this year, seems like that season is closer than it is.

My Dallas Cowboys are easy to hate. I might have to someday join the haters. Hawkeyes start the season with three straight home games. I'm ready for my annual trek to the press box. Keep it quiet up there, Gazette and Register writers. I'm trying to concentrate on my Big Ass Turkey Legs and gameday notes.