When I was a kid, the California Angels were my team. Carew, Baylor, Jackson [x2], DeCinces, Downing, Pettit. Helluva team. No rings in that era, but it was cool to follow them. Can't remember if any of these superstars slid into first base like Josh Hamilton did the other day for the Angels....of Anaheim, Los Angeles and Greater Orange County. He knicked himself and is out for 6-8 weeks.

Gene Autry is rolling over in his grave.

Moneyballers in any MLB franchise have nightmares about this stuff. Hamilton, Albert Puhols and former Kernel Mike Trout bring home the monster salaries in SoCal. Any more slide shenanegans = Permanent Palpitations from the suits at the Big A.

I remember when Moses Malone [my NBA team back in the early days] signed for $2M a year back in the 80s. That was stunning. "2 FREAKING MILLION TO PLAY A GAME???"

He didn't dive after balls. Mo just trolled the lane and sought "FoFoFo" title sweeps. Hope the Angels have one this year.

Run through the bag the rest of 2014, Hammy.