I was elated when I heard the recent announcement about the upcoming NewBo Music Festival. A summer jam in a hip city neighborhood always makes for good news. But the announcement meant more than that to me.

I've been to quite a few shows over the past couple of years -- from Des Moines to Chicago, Omaha to LA. Notice the absence of a certain city?

I never had much reason or interest in going to most shows that came to CR. They were either huge concerts by over-commercialized acts or cover bands playing in random bars.

The NewBo Music Festival is a saving grace. This is going to be an annual festival -- something to get excited about each summer. I can finally wait in anticipation for a line-up to be released for a festival... in Cedar Rapids!

Add to this the announcement of the impending new live music venue, The National, and I'm getting really hyped for the future of live music in CR.

Exciting times are ahead of us, Cedar Rapidians. Let's show our support and say we want something unique to CR. You can get your tickets right here.