The KRNA Poll for Best Local TV News Personality of Eastern Iowa has officially closed. And the winner is...

RICK COLEMAN - KWWL-TV 7 Sportscaster

In a late surge of epic proportion, Rick leapfrogged over several other leading newscasters in the final day of voting.

The results below show Rick scored a come-from-behind victory worthy of an Iowa Hawkeyes 2005 Tate-to-Holloway championship play.

Our champion will be invited to join Jaymz Larson on the KRNA Morning Show on Friday to accept his award and prize package, including Journey concert tickets and assorted other goodies.

Rick Coleman KWWL
Kelly D'Ambrosio CBS2/Fox28
Lauren Moss KWWL
Nicole Agee KCRG
Justin Roberts CBS2/Fox28
Bruce Aune KCRG