Sunday, Filter returns to Eastern Iowa. It was just a few short years ago that Richard Patrick and his band Rocked the Rapids with 94.1 KRNA. This time, it's a 2-stage festival at Spicoli's Rock Garden in Waterloo.

The Anti-Folk Revival in Drop-D. 'Bout time someone called out the bearded, SNL-playing clones in flannel. Local H and Helmet will share the stage. Cool gig.

KRNA's Jaymz Larson was "Ritchie's" runner that summer day under the shadow of the Alliant Tower. On the way from the airport, Patrick told the "Hey Man Nice Shot" story. And, probably asked Jaymz if there was any hummus on the rider.

Jaymz and Mary from the KRNA Sales team will host your rock show Sunday.

Keep It Unsung and Copacetic. And Take A Picture.

Show Info here.