With the NewBo Music Festival on the horizon, and being a seasoned festival attendee, I figured I'd give you some thoughts on preparation and tips for our upcoming jam fest.

  1. Dress comfortably.The festival is on August 8th. August in Iowa usually equals hot. Rock the shorts and a t-shirt, maybe toss on a chambray, if you're really feeling hipster-ish.
  2. Stay hydrated. You're going to be outside all day jamming out to some great bands and artists. Just make sure you can make it to the end of the night. I've witnessed many casualties to dehydration and general sickness. So enjoy all that fine beer from Fleck Sales, but work in some water, too.
  3. Expect to be repeatedly asked how you're doing by bands. "How you all doing?" I can't think of a festival I've been to where this generic utterance hasn't be used to greet an audience. It's boring. It's corny. But it always gets cheers. So just play along and scream along in excitement.
  4. Watch out for the beach ball. The beach ball -- an essential element of any festival. Expect a few to start bouncing around during the performances.
  5. Zone out. Jam out. Enjoy yourself. Seven bands. Great location. Quality music. Have a great time and enjoy the performances.

Don't forget, you can buy your tickets right here.