I came across this story earlier today, as I was preparing for The KRNA Morning Show. I was a little shocked - let me know what you think.

The Florida Sun Post reports there's a 68-year-old guy from Miami, Florida, who won several million dollars in the lottery five years ago. He had the cash, but was still looking for love. So, last year he went on a sugar daddy dating website that hooks up old rich guys with younger women.

He ended up meeting a 24-year-old STRIPPER from Jacksonville, Florida. They ended up getting married three months ago. He's 68, she's 24. Did I mention she's a stripper?

But when they were looking through one of his old photo albums recently, they learned something new about each other: He's her GRANDFATHER. How weird would that be?

And believe it or not . . . they're STAYING TOGETHER. Why wouldn't they? It's true love at it's best.

I know a girl from Cedar Rapids that's dating her 4th cousin. Apparently, that's ok. I had to Google it, but it says it's ok. Your GRANDFATHER - THIS ISN'T OK!!!!

I'm a little puzzled by this story out of Florida... It sounds more like Arkansas to me.

And you thought your family reunions were awkward.

[Source:The Florida Sun Post ]