If you missed today's Pothead Forum on Free Beer and Hot Wings, it was another CCC moment: Classic Cannabis Comedy. The stoner laugh is the giveaway. Wish we could have had some Iowa City brownie busters on the show this morning.

On the University of Iowa campus today to celebrate all things 4/20, a group called Young Americans For Liberty passed out fake pot brownies. Or, at least they claimed there was no pot in those tasty treats. If the campus was filled with a more sedate, Cheetos-filled vibe then maybe their claim was false.

The dope experts at Billboard magazine rate their top 20 songs about smoking pot. Snoop Dog should be higher than #9 shouldn't he? As heard this morning in the 8 a.m. hour on FBHW, #4 on the list from Sublime is the hazy high point of today's celebration.

Tomorrow, for National Bonghit hangover Day we should pass out some pillows. The Hawkeye Nation needs a break from all that puffin.'