Some jobs come with hazards. Mine is a stress trench just like yours. But you and I don't dangle 13 stories up on a plank. Allow me to steal a line from Chevelle and say Hats Off to the window washers and frame cleaners.

This guy and his partner in high drama are doing some window maintenence this morning here at Plaza 425. Wish I could talk to them, but it's a broadcast booth with a pretty good seal. They are making sure that seal is tight just as the storm season approaches.

I hope these dudes are making $100 an hour. Heights never used to bother me. Neither did roller coasters. Now I'm not cool with either. Such an altitude wimp am I.

A gig that also affects our operation is that of tower climber. These guys go up ever further and fix lights, paint and do general tower stuff. Drones are used nowadays to inspect towers, but you still need a guy or two to climb. Robots may someday do it all. Until then, I'm glad there are guys like this.