Another shark attack over the weekend. This time it was off the coast of South Africa and the victim was a professional surfer. Luckily, a few days before this most recent incident, an advocate angel appeared from out of nowhere to warn people.

Veronica Nash Poleate is my kinda citizen. She is watching out for people in this dangerous world we live in. She has had enough of the shark attacks. She is not going into the ocean anytime soon. Because "that's the shark's house." These super swimmers have every right to eat you up when you enter their domain, says Poleate. Turn the tables around and here's what it looks like at her house: When chickens and pigs arrive at her home, they "get ate."

Speaking on behalf of sharks worldwide, that's solid advice. Hopefully she can keep that vehicle on the road while making her videos because I think we need to see and hear more from her on a wide variety of subjects.