We are all fascinated by animals in some way or another. For you it might be more elephants, while for your neighbor it's penguins, and tigers for you co-worker. No matter your favorite, there's a reason we flock to the zoo to check out the majesty of animals of all shapes and sizes, why we tune into animal shows and late night animal interview segments, and why we have a whole channel dedicated to animals. It's also the same reason we log onto our computers this time of year to watch a nest in Decorah featuring our country's bird, the bald eagle. It's all thanks to the work of the good people at the Raptor Research Project. Have you been watching?

So far, as seen above, one egg has been laid in Decorah. We're expecting we'll probably see at least one more. There were 3 a few years ago. You can keep checking back in to watch the live feed below. Let the fun begin.

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