If you're a baseball fan, you've heard the talk for a few years... "Just wait, the Cubs are gonna be good." Did it start when lifelong Cubs fan, Tom Ricketts became owner back in 2009? Or was it when Theo Epstein became President of Baseball Operations in 2011? The Cubs have gone through a whole lot of bad to be this good. They had to purge before they rebuilt. Even Wrigley Field is in the midst of getting a facelift with numerous renovations in and around the ol' ballpark. A few years ago, Cubs fans were asked to be patient as they started stocking their system with young, future stars. Asking a fan base that has never seen a World Series winner to be patient is asking quite a bit! But this was the plan. And as a Cubs fan, I love it when a plan comes together.

Over the past 5 seasons, the Cubs have averaged a record of 69-93. That's bad, folks. That's really bad. But 2015 appears to be the year that it's all beginning to gel. Their 9-2 victory on Thursday (8/13) capped a series sweep against the Brewers and moved their record to 65-48. With their red hot play in August, they're on pace to make the playoffs for the first time since 2008, possessing the fourth best record in all of baseball.

Many felt that it would be 2016 before the Cubs would be serious contenders. After their play of late, why wait? Could this be the year that they end their 107-year World Series drought?

Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo circles the bases after launching a home run on Thursday against the Brewers (Getty Images)

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