It's not over yet, but the Chicago Cubs need a victory tonight. There is no bright spot in being down 3-1, but at least the Cubs have their top three starters lined up.

This will be a comeback for the ages if the Cubs can win three in a row. It won't be easy, and it need to start with a victory tonight. Down 3-1, we are all asking ourselves, what happened?!

This was supposed to be the Cubs year! They have been dominating the regular season. And all of the signs are pointing to a Cubs victory, considering there haven't been any Steve Bartman incidents.

But if the Indians do win the World Series, life will go on. It was a great year for the Chicago Cubs. I have several friends that scored World Series tickets and they had a blast. We will all remember this year as a very special one in Major League Baseball.

One more loss will cause the Cubs to continue their loser streak, and their years of championship drought. Cub fans can't wait another 108 years for a title. And I'm tired of getting teased by Cardinal fans...

I'm not throwing in the towel, game 5 is tonight at 7:05 p.m. WE CAN STILL DO THIS! The Cubs are a huge favorite in the game tonight, at minus -$240

Enjoy the game, we will discuss the results on The KRNA Morning Show! GO CUBS!