I'm wearing a whacky, edgy [albeit unlocal] t-shirt today as I read this story from CNN.

It appears the network is using a slow week of caucus news to drive people into the heart of our Tall Corn Culture [TCC] via a clothing company that pushes t-shirt designs TO THE EDGE.

Oh, my that is "edgy for Iowa." We salt-of-the-earthers are startling our neighbors. Legislation from SoDaks, Minnies, Cheeseheads, Illies, Nebbers and MOfos to block our outlandish behavior is sure to come.

This Des Moines company must not be printing "Iowa F'in City." Hopefully CNN reports on that closer to the time we rock out with our caucus out. Or, better yet, get out of the Cap City and come to Cedar Rapids. Red Ball Printing in the NewBo District has really cool, creative local designs. They'll be doing live screen printing at the NewBo Music Festival next Saturday, August 8.

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