The NewBo Music Festival is on 8/8 in downtown Cedar Rapids' NewBo City Market.

The NewBo Music Festival will be the first large-scale national act live show to hit the NewBo City Market. The market opened in October 2012. When it did, I looked around the joint thought about the flood recovery in our city. A little more than four years had passed since the water rushed into New Bohemia neighborhood and destroyed everything. A lot of sweat went into the rebuild and this fantastic new building was the cornerstone of the downtown recovery.

Now, we're nearly seven years post-flood and the NewBo City Market is [no water pun intended] our anchor. When August 8 rolls around, we will celebrate this city and it's great people with a very unique show. An Alternative Music Festival with big national acts in Cedar Rapids! No wonder ticket sales have been brisk. People love that NewBo scene and they are ready for something other than Classic Rock, Country and Metal concerts. Nothing wrong with those genres, but...been there done that. This lineup won't disappoint.

Young The Giant is in the recording studio this summer making their third disc. In between those sessions, they are doing a few gigs this summer. Ours is one. Mind Over Matter was released January of last year, while the debut Young The Giant came out in 2012. The former went all the way to #7 on the Billboard charts. #3 should take them into the stratosphere. I'm ready to jam.

Allen Stone just released his new record Radius on his new label Capitol Records. Here's a fresh video from the disc.

Add in four more bands [MINT, Shapes & Colors, DickieFull Body Tones and Ripple Green] and we have ourselves a summertime party.

Madison has Capitol Square. Austin has 6th Street. There's Tempe Town Lake and Wrigleyville in Chicago. In Cedar Rapids, it's the NewBo district. Stay hip to the groove on August 8.