Happy birthday and thank you to Cedar Rapids Council Member At Large Susie Weinacht, who joined Jaymz Larson today on the KRNA morning show.

It was good to hear from Susie about everything going on in our city. But it wasn't just strictly business. She and Jaymz sang a duet of "Winter Wonderland" in our latest episode of "Dashboard Karaoke" to celebrate the snow flurries spotted in Cedar Rapids last night.

photo: (l-r) Mike Ferris, Micki Slick, Susie Weinacht, Jaymz Larson

You would expect a good Council Member to know a lot of people, and Susie certainly does! When KRNA midday host Micki popped into the studio, the two ladies laughed and caught up like old friends always do.

Next, in honor of her birthday, KRNA presented Susie with a " birthday/holiday doughnut" complete with green and red sprinkles to commemorate the special occasion!

When asked what she had planned for the rest of her day, Susie listed off a half-dozen civic and volunteer functions she has scheduled today. We felt it was our duty to point out once again to her that is was her birthday. She chuckled and shrugged off the suggestion that she should have perhaps left herself a little more "free" time in her busy schedule. It's just how she rolls, placing others' interests and needs before herself when it comes to public service to Cedar Rapids.

Thank you Susie, happy birthday!

And enjoy that doughnut!