I once had a kitten who could fetch like a dog. Her name was Delilah "Bud" Melman. Cats are great. I love cats.

Please send me your kitty videos. Cats make good friends. I wish I were an old lady living in an apartment with 7 cute little kitty cats. Then I could show up for work smelling like cat potty.

Cat potty stench can often cover up any lack of deodorant. Try it sometime.

Kitty cats are neat. Kitty videos are so cute. I'm going to watch one tonight after supper.

I miss Bud. She was a good kitty. Someday I'll have 7. Maybe 8 little cats.

Please send the cat videos directly to me. I would love to see them.

It's fun to read a book in your chair and have a cat snuggle up to you. I enjoy being around cats. They are nice.