The 10 Best Movies of 2014 (So Far)
Here are the best movies of 2014 so far! (Note: These movies have all been released in theaters and I am not including movies that I saw at film festivals that have not been yet released to the public.)
14 Signs You’re Playing Too Many Video Games
If you're starting to show the following symptoms, then you might want to put the controller down and go for a stroll around the block or call up some friends. Remember, some of your best friends don't need a power cord. Here are some clear signs you're playing far too many video game…
10 Best Racing Games
Gentlemen, start your engines! It’s time for the 10 Best Racing Games. We're warning you, there are going to be fans angry at us for not including titles like Gran Turismo, F1- Grand Prix, and Super Off Road. However, we had to look at the bigger picture...
5 Famous People Originally From Cedar Rapids
Did you know that the city where you live is actually the hometown of a few quite famous people? We knew a couple, but it wasn't until we started really digging in that we realized that some really famous folks call Cedar Rapids their hometown. Check out our list below and let us know if we mis…

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