Gavin Rossdale turns 50 in October. I think the good lovin' from wife Gwen Stefani is keeping the man in good shape. Dude looks like he's 30. Jammed like it too last night at the Bush/Theory Of A Deadman concert in front of a sell-out crowd at the Paramount. With Sixteen Stone and Razorblade Suitcase gems interspersed with new cuts from Man On The Run, Gav and his band were on fire.

His dash though the venue was a special moment. Anytime an artist gets up close and personal [ala Dave Grohl at Carver Hawkeye Arena a decade and a half ago], it's special. Rossdale even went upstairs during "Little Things"....



The crowd loved every minute of this show. The band was tight. The hits were many. The pacing was perfect. Rossdale was doing his little bounce throughout the show. Yes, Gwen and Gav must work out.


  1. Encore:
  2. (Talking Heads cover)
  3. Glycerine [just Rossdale and his battle axe]
  4. Comedown [courtesy]

Theory of a Deadman sounded great too. TOAD Singer Tyler Connelly mentioned backstage that he loved the venue and knew about our little "moisture issue" back in 2008. "Bad Girlfriend," "Hate My Life" and the new one "Angel" were highlights from the band out of Vancouver.

Jaymz Larson and Tyler talked about one of those songs at the end of this backstage interview. Jaymz could relate.

Good to see the KRNAtion enjoying an epic jam.