I couldn't think of a more deserving charitable cause than ALS. The Ice Bucket Challenge has brought Lou Gehrig's Disease research and support for patients into the spotlight this week.

I'll always a remember this powerful video. Former New Orleans Saint and Pearl Jam Ten Clubber Steve Gleason sat down with Eddie Vedder. When you see it, you won't it forget either.

Donations have exceeded $25 million. George W. Bush was about to put more into that fund until Barb walked in.

Foo Fighters IBC is still my favorite. It'll be hard to top this one...

By the way, congrats Dave Grohl on the news of the birth of your third child.

Titans General Manager Chris Kokalis did the H20 drop for me here at Plaza 425. But I had thermonuclear protection, so it was less shocking to the system.

Wolf Matthews, you're up.