If you aren't being watched at this moment, chances are you will be someday soon in that very spot you're sitting in right now. The surveillance revolution marches on.

According to Daily Koz, the Burlington School District is rolling out body cameras in eight schools. Administrators will be using them to "vid-document" interactions with those pesky parents.

"OK, moms and dads, no more lunging at the principal when Johnny screws up."

Parents aren't the only ones being taped. Will Burlington kids being mondo-monitored break down the trust that they have in the administrators? Will students be less likely to sound alarm bells about objectionable things the kids see and hear at the school?

Camerafied America will only expand. Motorcyclists and bicyclists have armed their two-wheelers with GoPros to document bad drivers' actions. That will now spill over into our everyday lives on foot. Headed out the door? Make sure you trigger that body cam.

Do you think Burlington's new policy will spread across Iowa? Comment below.

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