Subtlety is not an American strong suit. We go big or go home. You just know sh*t is gonna go down as America celebrates its birthday! You can always count on a few unfortunate news stories on July 5th. Surely there will be some blown-off appendages or some other tomfoolery that Uncle Sam would be proud of.

My 4th of July was filled with explosives, gluttonous eating, an adult beverage (or two) and a whole lotta family... just the way you want it! Here's my list of things that there was just too much of on the 4th...

  • Too much family... and I mean this in the most loving possible way, but 13 family members crammed into one house is just too damn many.
  • Too much tire
    My niece and son (Bill Hahn)
    Too many tired little horses
    My son on a tired lil' horse (Bill Hahn)
    Too much food
    My nephew's red (strawberry), white (cool whip) & blue (blueberries) with shortcake was solid (Photo by Bill Hahn)

    And let's end with the troubling... what the hell is this thing that my kid and his cousins crawled out of?

    (Bill Hahn)



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