I'm guessing I've been to Adventureland around two-dozen times in my life.  Now that I have a kid, I get to take him to the park and pretend I'm just being a good Dad, treating the youngster to some good wholesome fun.  In reality, I probably have more fun than he does.  The amusement park has been around for more than four decades, opening back in 1974.  After 40+ years, it still gets high marks across the board.

  • Cost: Children (4-9 yrs) and seniors (65+) get in for $37, while those between 10 - 64 will pay $42.  I think this price is reasonable, but you may be able to find discounts if you look around or know somebody.  For instance, I was able to get discounted tickets through work.  They have excellent deals if you decide to go consecutive days or get a season pass.
  • Rides: Fun for all ages.  Kiddie Rides like "Infant Ocean" and "Lady Bugs" all the way up to the Thrill Rides like the "Tornado" and "The Monster".  It has something for everybody.  I haven't even mentioned "Adventure Bay"... I haven't been to that section of the park, but from my vantage point high atop the "Outlaw" it looked pretty cool!
  • Food: Ok, so it's not fine dining but the food is reasonably priced... and some of it isn't that bad for you!  And there are quite a few options.  Chicken sandwiches and subs, barbecue sandwiches, tacos, french fries, pizza, ice cream, funnel cakes, burgers... really, everything you'd expect from an amusement park.
  • Miscellaneous: I'm always amazed by how clean they keep this park.  They deserve a lot of credit in this department.  It seems to me that there are a lot of retirees that help to keep the park safe and pristine.  Bathrooms, restaurants and sidewalks are cleaned throughout the day.  It really feels like the park is 10 years old or so, not 40+.

Adventureland will be open everyday through August 21st.  After the kids head back to school, it will stay open weekends through September 25th.  If you're planning a trip during the summer, I think going during a weekday is a wise choice as lines during the weekend are likely to be longer.

Here's a picture of my son (right) and his two cousins. My son is 3, so he got to have a full day of fun for free...

Photo: Angie Smith

This is me with my nephew. He turns 6 this month. I talked him into going on his first rollercoaster, the upside-down double-looping "Dragon"...

Photo: Angie Smith

Adventureland's newest rollercoaster is "The Monster". I love the classics like the "Tornado", the "Outlaw" & the "Space Shot", but this brand new ride might be at the top of my list. It had the longest lines of any ride in the park, but it was worth it. It's located where the "Log Ride" used to be...

Photo: Angie Smith


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