Much like Clark W. Griswold, I loaded the family into the family trickster (Chevy Impala) this past weekend and travelled to Kansas City.  This was a little mini-vacation for the family, not the epic cross-country jaunt that the Griswold’s attempted back in the 80’s.  I didn’t even run into Christie Brinkley at the hotel pool.  K.C. is a great Midwest destination.  We took in a couple Royals games, took the kid to the zoo and visited some family in the area. 

The Royals are the talk of the town in Kansas City after their dramatic run to the World Series last year.  They split the two games against the Red Sox that I saw.  Kauffman Stadium is a beautiful ballpark, and it’s nice to see the Royals in 1st place and getting sold-out crowds.

We also took the kid and the nephews to the Kansas City Zoo.  Elephants, a polar bear, penguins, monkeys… the kids enjoyed it.  For a few hours, I had to shut down the internal monologue on whether or not we should cage these creatures for our entertainment.  Hey, at least they’re safe from Ted Nugent in here!

A beautiful evening at Kauffman Stadium (6/20/15)


Nice view of downtown Kansas City from our hotel


Me and my nephew, Justin at the zoo... I think the polar bear is thinking about chomping in to my right knee