Kettlebells, it turns out, were developed in Russia around three centuries ago. I wish I would've known this before making an online kettlebell purchase... can't trust those damn Russians! Anyways, my two 12 KG (26-pound) kettlebells arrived this past Friday (7/31). On Sunday (8/2), I finally got around to doing my first workout. Here it is Wednesday and I'm dreaming of a day in the future where I'll be able to walk normally.

You see, the life of a DJ can be a sedentary one.  You sit on your ass and you flap your gums. I'm the typical schlub... I talk about eating better, exercising more and attempting to live healthier. Then, I eat Dunkin' Donuts, turn on a ballgame and think "maybe tomorrow?"

So anyways, I've heard a few good things about kettlebells recently. They're supposed to be good for cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training. With hindsight, perhaps I should've eased into it a bit more? Maybe focus on form the first few times? The pain has been great. As it stands, I have no choice but to continue with my Dunkin' Donuts and ample sitting until I get healed up.