Subtle is something Las Vegas is not. Walking down Las Vegas Boulevard ("The Strip"), you'll get a grand buffet of odd, loud, colorful, tacky and... is smutty a word? On the way to eat at Guy Fieri's restaurant, there's a dude wearing Ace Frehley's KISS make-up wearing nothing but a g-string... well, maybe some shoes. I honestly didn't notice if he was sporting foot attire due to the huge man-bulge. Coincidentally, the real Ace Frehley was in town over the weekend. Man, I hope that wasn't Ace in the g-string!

Some cool music at the Brooklyn Bowl while I was in town (Bill Hahn)

Las Vegas basically made me its bitch for three days. Well, it made my wallet its bitch anyways. I like to travel, so when an opportunity arose to go to some place I had never been before, I took the bait. My wife was a little taken aback that guys on The Strip were still trying to hand me cards for an escort even with her standing right there. Like I said, not too subtle.

One of the highlights of the trip was seeing The Beatles Cirque du Soleil show, Love at The Mirage. Well, that comes in a close second behind Bizarro-Ace Frehley's massive package. I thought I'd share some photos of my first trip to Vegas.


Me in front of The Bellagio (Bill Hahn)
An assault on the senses... Celine Dion, Julius Caesar and some fancy dude on a billboard (Bill Hahn)
A view down The Strip (Bill Hahn)
Drunk and hungry at 2am? Stop at the Cupcake ATM (Bill Hahn)

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