This ebb and flow in the car world has been going on for a long time: Every time gas prices go up, smaller cars (and electrics and hybrids) roll off the car lots. When Trilby Lundberg's reports show a drop in prices, in come the gas guzzlers.

As this article from THE VERGE reveals, more people are buying big vehicles again.

I just snapped this picture from my studio vantage point here at Plaza 425 in Downtown Cedar Rapids. Looks to me like we have these classification totals:

  • 4 station wagon/small SUVs
  • 6 sedans/economy cars
  • 2 trucks, a van and a jeep

Our top ramp isn't filled with giant cars, but maybe that trend will come back around. You don't see as many Hummers has you used to. I've always wanted to drive to the hardware store onboard an Urban Assault Vehicle. Never know what you will need to crush on the way.

The article points out the 2015 first quarter rush to trade in hybrids for "fossil fuelers." Fracking output in Texas and North Dakota is down due to a glut in the market. Saudis are in a holding pattern. Global demand will go up again and the trend to efficiency will return. You can't predict change...only that it will come.

What I do know is that motorcycle season is here and that always means we bikers are getting more to the gallon. And having more fun getting to our destination.