Field goal kicking has gone through a few phases over the years. When we were kids, the straight-on kicker ruled. In fact, one year Redskins straight-on kicker Mark Mosley was MVP.

Then, the sidewinders started to take over. Early on in that movement was the barefoot kicker. These guys would go shoeless in any weather conditions.

I plan to challenge former Wartburg kicker and current Titans front office guy Eric George to a barefoot challenge from 35 yards out. This Saturday night is KRNA Night with the Titans. It's the first time we get a chance to see the IFL's newest addition: The Iowa Barnstormers. The 'Stomers have a storied history in the Cap City, with the Kurt Warner era as it's heyday.

When I punted in the Iowa Conference, my Dubuque Spartans needed lots of kicks against Eric's Knights. Field goals were just on the practice field, but when I did some sidewinding, it was always sans shoes. I remember one fall Saturday when the trip to Waverly was on Halloween. Tough holiday to play the black & orange. We got throttled. UD is a much better program now, thanks to the infusion of gazillions of dollars from a donor. The place has an INDOOR football practice facility. The only one of it's kind in Division III. They'll be DII sooner than later.

This game at the Cell Center on Saturday night is being dubbed "Iowa Bowl." Should be a great start to a rivalry. Titans looked good in the preseason opener against the Nebraska Danger.

Keep it on KRNA this week for free tickets.