"Downtown Doggie Drama" is back. A lot of people don't want dogs at the Cedar Rapids Downtown Farmers’ Market. I think they make some decent points, but if we're going to ban them, shouldn't we also ban something else? With that, I point you to a blog I wrote last year. The slightly edited text from that blog is below:

Some people say they (dogs) are disruptive. They say dogs get in the way. They say dogs cause them aggravation. Hmmm, I think the same thing about kids. Here's my idea: Ban strollers from the farmers' market.

I think strollers are sent straight from the depths of hell. They're cumbersome. They're disruptive. They're annoying. If you've ever walked behind a person pushing one, you know what I'm talking about. So how about we scrap those detestable things from the farmers' market?

If you want to take your kid to the market, that's cool, but maybe wait until they're old enough to walk on their own. Most small children don't want to be at an event with tons of people and hot weather anyway.

Let's ban those awful young children and the strollers they came ridin' in on. But I like dogs more than kids, so I'm biased.