Hockey is on my mind today as we take one more day of qualifiers on this shiny new website of ours for the Soldier Field Flyaway to see Chicago and Pitt square off in NHL hockey. It's a March 1 game and with this polar vortexed climate of ours this winter, I wouldn't be suprised to see the trend continue into that epic game. Hockey players can take it. Ice storm wouldn't faze 'em.
Looks like the Super Bowl will be played in dry conditions in NYC on Sunday. I, like Free Beer from the KRNA Morning Show, think it would be interesting to see a blizzard.
Tune in to the show from Radio Row this week in the Meadowlands. I say Seattle by 7.
Speaking of hockey, the Lowdown on Ridertown will not happen tonight with Coop and the Coach because the Roughriders are hosting a game at the stable at 7:05. Thanks to Coach Carlson for stopping by the Big Boy Toy Show on Saturday. It was good to talk with him on a busy game day.
And, in hoops, a tough loss last night for the Hawkeyes, but sending a game into OT against MSU is another sign we are firmly entrenched in the upper echelon of the Big Ten. Been a long, long time since you could say that. If only Marble could have another shot at that 7 footer at the buzzer. Good to see his old man at the Big Boy Toy Show. Roy Sr. is always a very interesting interview.
Olympics from Southern Russia start next Friday. I'm Huge on Luge. Enjoy the games. GO USA!!!!