The Kernels and Beloit Snappers play Sunday afternoon for the home opener for our Cedar Rapids ballclub. Lots of great memories flood in when thinking about seeing games on the SW side.

Christening the new ballpark 2002. I worked on the KCRG set-up crew that day. We had a fantastic broadcast all set to go. Mother Nature didn't allow for any action on the field that day, but we filled alot of space with some of the baseball royalty on hand that day. Even though the rain stopped the ballgame, the press box and concourse were jammed with locals happy to have such a great facility.

Jim's Roadie chant. My pal Jim was in from out of town. He's one of these guys who likes to vocalize his in-game thoughts to everyone in the section he is in. On that particular afternoon, Jim started a "Roadie, Roadie!" chant. It was loud and proud. The ball park's famous resident appreciated the support.

First pitches. Had one in 1999 at the old ballpark and another last year. They are always fun to throw out. You wind up and hope you can hit the mitt. Justin Roberts does a nice job with the intros and he told me to throw smoke last year. It was more of a light haze.

Bark in the Park. My pooch loves that ballpark. One year he wandered off. BEAGLE DOWN THE GRASSY KNOLL!

Media Elite on Meet The Players Night. Our annual get together as a collective. TV, radio, newspaper guys know how to talk baseball and eat raspberry-flavored meat. Sushi at Dodger Stadium? We can top that here in the City of 5.

We'll draw some ticket winners tomorrow at Noon for Opening Day. Enter to win here in the 94 Zone.