I am stoked to hear that Everclear is coming to town this summer. They are joined by Soul Asylum, Spacehog and Eve6. The 2014 Summerland Tour. 8/5/14. McGrath Amphitheater. Tickets on sale Friday at 10. Free ones all week at 5.

I talked with Everclear Singer Art Alexakis 4 years ago. He called in from a gig in Rockford. His classic line was, "I don't watch the world die from the pier in Santa Monica anymore. In fact, I rarely swim out past the breakers. What I'm mainly concerned with is remembering whether my wife wanted milk or eggs from the grocery store."

He and his band played the Iowa City Airport on 9/13/98 with Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. When he hit the mic with the KRNA Morning Rock, Art was waxing nostalgic about his trips to The Hawkeye State and it's "beautiful, well-endowed [bleepin] women." Ah, live radio. Gotta love it.

I'll make sure Art scans the horizon and gives us his modern take on the place.