I told my wife I was going to take her out for dinner on her birthday. She kept asking me, "Where?" I told her, "Arby's." I was kidding, of course. We don't splurge very often, so I reserved a table by the window at 350 First.

Located on the 16th floor of the DoubleTree by Hilton in Cedar Rapids, it provided a great view of the city...

Bill Hahn

I would chalk this up as a "special occasions only" restaurant... at least for my pocketbook. We could've kept cost down if we would have stuck with the complimentary water and skipped an appetizer, but we decided not to skimp on this rare occasion where we were treating ourselves. The (modest-sized) drinks were both more than $10, so we easily had a $30 tab before choosing the main dish.

I'd give the following grades:

  • Setting - 10/10... one of the best views you can get of our city.  Dining area was modern, spacious and clean
  • Food - 9/10... pretty delicious stuff.  Complimentary bread came with dinner.
  • Cost - 3/10... our bill went north of $100 (once we added the tip) for dinner for 2.  That's pretty steep.  We only had one adult beverage each, one appetizer, and a main dish for each of us.  Again, I can only rationalize doing something like this about once a year.

Check out the 350 First website


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