I've always claimed that using a snow blower is better than using a lawn mower. I'm not particularly fond of either, but snow removal typically happens only a handful of times each winter. Mowing the lawn is every 10-14 days. Do the math. Snowblowers are better than lawn mowers. If you keep 'em on terra firma.

Let's move the discussion on today's Sharkblog to "roof blowing." Yes, it IS a surefire way to end up in the hospital. In places like Buffalo and Boston this season, people are concerned about the massive amounts of snow on their roof.

Stupid Solution? Grab a ladder and haul that Toro up on the roof!

Read the comments section on this one. Shingle Shooter!

Or, you could always leave it to the professionals like these guys at Iowa Tree Services...

Do NOT try this at home. Let an mother nature handle it with one of her future warm fronts.