Estately came up with a list of lewd-sounding town names in America....I won't include them all, but here's a few I noticed:

Ballplay, Alabama--They have always had a great football team, hopefully that's where this comes from.

Bald Knob, Arkansas--This is no surprise, it's Arkansas...let's move on.

Bush, California--I like it, very simple and to the point.  "We've got Bush!" - in Cali.

Slickpoo, Idaho--Poo is bad, Slickpoo has to be worse.  This should be changed immediately.

Colon, Michigan--This has to dirtiest part of the state. Go Wolverines.

Sac City, Iowa--Just one more thing for us Iowans to be proud of.

Balltown, Iowa--Is this heaven?  No, it's Balltown.

Lick Skillet, Tennessee--Let's end here...I like this one! I wish I could say I live in Lick Skillet.  It rolls right off the tongue.

I live in Cedar boring of a name is that?! Luckily, the entertainment and night life makes us for it here in "The City of Five Seasons." Whatever the hell that actually means.

Let me know if you have a favorite Lewd City and comment below. I'll be discussing these and many more on the Shut up and Rock Morning Show, on 94.1 KRNA.