Fellow Rapidiots,

Have you noticed the cat piss smell permeating the metroplex? In the last few days, seems everywhere I go, the rank stench bubbles up to the surface. What is going on here?

  • Are felines in some sort of seasonal spray session?
  • Is there a mass kitty litter dump within our borders?
  • Does Weed N Feed come in an all-new cat piss scent?
  • Is Peter Criss in town?

I am keenly aware of this distinct aroma. Back in my AZ days, I was on a carpet cleaning crew that worked in empty apartments. You knew right when the door opened if it was a cat house. Or, worse, if the former tenant was a 55-year-old jean-skirt stitcher named Jean who had 11 cats.

Maybe this whole concern about Chemtrails has an element of pussycat cover-up.

Mayor Corbett...please order a mass spraying of Febreze.


Concerned Citizen of the City of 6 Smells