Dollar stores are great. You can always find a few things you need around the house, and it only costs $1.00 per item. These places are perfect if you're short on cash or have a tight budget.

I visited one of these stores in search of some inexpensive Halloween candy over the weekend. While I was shopping, I noticed some items I would NEVER purchase from such a store. Here's my top 5!

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    The Hair Donut

    I've had a hair in my donut before, but I've never seen a "Hair Donut." Do people really use these?

    Don't eat this
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    First Aid Kit

    Really? You want trust a First Aid Kit that costs you $1.00! No thanks, I'll splurge for safety. What's inside, a Band-Aid and some dental floss?

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    Magic Touch

    This freaked me out, who's buying this at the dollar store? Let's move on, quickly.

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    Lock Up Your Dollar!

    You get a lock to protect your valuables. This lock costs $1.00 - I wouldn't put much faith in this purchase.

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    This might be the worst snack in the history of junk food. Not worth a dollar, not even fifty cents. And I've tried them...once. Never again.